“Unbreakable Moms” gave birth under shelling and saw their houses explode

Since June, the rehabilitation camp of the "Unbreakable Mom" project of Masha Efrosinina's "Masha Fund" has been accepting women and children affected by the war. For three weeks, psychologists train Ukrainian women and their children in a specially developed unique rehabilitation program. Then, three months of online support await the wards of the Fund.

The participants of “Unbreakable Mom” ​​are truly unbreakable mothers. During the months of full-scale war in Ukraine, they saw a lot and experienced a lot. They were under occupation, gave birth in basements under Grad shelling, and saw enemy shells hit their houses. They hid in bomb craters and covered the ears of their children so that kids would not get deaf from the explosions. These women are Mykolaiv, Bucha, Chernihiv, Mariupol…

In the “Unbreakable Mom” camp, these women return to life. They attend art and physical therapy, group and individual classes, hikes, and get lots of love, peace, and quiet. Days are scheduled to the hour. During rehabilitation, Ukrainian women reload and exhale. They gain strength.

“My son and I feel warm and cozy in the camp,” says another project participant, Olena. – Because of the war, he became fearful, constantly crying, and afraid of something. Thanks to psychological therapies, I understood what’s happening to my child, and now I know how to deal with it.

– Now I know that there is nothing wrong with the fact that I want to drink coffee and eat a cake, – smiles the unbreakable mother Yulia from Mykolaiv.  

This video is a compilation of the stories of our unbreakable moms and their feedback on rehabilitation. Watch it to understand what a great thing you are doing by helping the Unbreakable Mom project.

We are grateful to everyone who joined and will join the fundraising! We restore the lives of women so that they restore Ukraine!

The Unbreakable Mom project operates in partnership with the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine VAAD and with the help of the Gelius brand. The collection of donations for the project takes place on the platform.
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