Ukrainian designers transferred more than one million hryvnias to the Masha Fund

The Frolov brand created a collection of limited sweatshirts, and Natali Bolgar did "Kindness Weeks" selling yellow and blue clothes

During six months of full-scale war, Ukraine grew into a volunteer country. Donating has become a morning habit, and helping out has become a vital necessity. Masha Yefrosinina’s “Masha Fund” together with thousands of large and small donors helps Ukrainians every day. And today we want to thank the designers who have supported the Fund since the first days.

– Our biggest fashion donor was the Frolov brand, they have already transferred 508 thousand hryvnias from the limited edition sweatshirts sale, – the Masha Fund says. – This money was used for humanitarian aid, medicine, and psychological assistance for women and children.

Natali Bolgar became a donor of the “Unbreakable Mom” project – a unique  psychological rehabilitation program for women and children affected by the war. The brand has already held the “Kindness Weeks” promotion three times for the yellow and blue clothes sale, and 120,000 hryvnias have already been transferred to the Fund. Now we are waiting for the third tranche.

– We also want to thank the brands KATSURINA for a total donation of 125 thousand hryvnias, Kachorovska – for 72 thousand hryvnias of assistance, L’eskizzo, and BEVZA – for transfers of 65 and 60 thousand hryvnias, – say the Masha Fund.

Some Ukrainian brands help with clothes. For example, T.mosca donated warm sportswear, and TUTO VZUTO – women’s shoes for women and children from the Unbreakable Mom camp. The BONKA children’s brand is warm clothes that we gave to centers for displaced people.

It is very nice that foreign brands are joining in helping. For example, the Romanian clothing manufacturer Formens transferred 16,000 euros to the Unbreakable Mom project. 

The “Masha Fund” sincerely thanks everyone who helps. We are grateful to everyone who supports our projects and donates. You guys are awesome!

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