“He was so impressed by our idea”: Masha Yefrosinina – about a large donation from Serhii Prytula

In October, the “Masha FUND” launched the “Brave” project for teenage girls, which teaches how to spot the first signs of violence and fight it back. One of the first to support the program was volunteer and public figure Serhii Prytula. 

Every day “Masha FUND” helps hundreds of Ukrainian women, teenagers, and children. And every day, hundreds of people and companies from all over the world help the “Masha FUND” in this. Among our donors, you can often see the names of stars. Because they trust the Fund and know what great work it does. For example, Serhii Prytula was so impressed by the Fund’s new teenage direction that he immediately made a huge donation:

– Once I told my incredible friend Serhii Prytula that I wanted to launch a project in which we would teach girls self-defense. He was so impressed by this idea that the director of the Fund called me at night and said that he had received a large donation, Masha Yefrosinina, co-founder of the Masha FUND, told Insider in an interview. – My eyes are constantly wet: how many celebrities support us with reposts, how many [celebrities] talk about our projects, how many participate in them… I am infinitely grateful to all the celebrities who join us and trust us.

And if your daughter or a teenage girl you know needs the help of psychologists, if she wants to become stronger and learn to fight back, fill out the application form for participation in the "Brave" project from the "Masha FUND
"Brave" includes a self-defense course (12 classes) and 5 group sessions with a psychologist for teenage girls. The program is designed for girls aged 12 to 18. First of all, a participation prerogative will be provided to those who suffered the most from the russian-Ukrainian war: those who have losses in the family, cannot return home due to the danger of shelling/loss of housing, are the witnesses of war crimes and resettled girls from Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson regions.
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