The “Masha Fund” has begun the rehabilitation of women who were in Russian captivity

The "Masha Fund" took the initiative to help to rehabilitate Ukrainian women who were released from captivity. The first group of these women and their children has already arrived at the offline camp of the Unbreakable Mother project today.

Over the past six months, more than a thousand women and children who suffered from the war have received psychological help at “Unbreakable Mom”. The results are impressive – the program, specially developed by specialists in psychotherapy and post-traumatic syndromes, really brings Ukrainian women back to life.

A new day is a new challenge. The “Masha Fund” took the initiative to help rehabilitate women who survived Russian captivity. And today on November 25, these 20 women with their children came to the “Unbreakable Mom” camp. It is just the beginning of joint work between the Masha Fund and the state.

– A month ago, our team, like all Ukrainians, saw the news that 108 Ukrainian women were released from captivity, – says Masha Yefrosinina, co-founder of the Fund. – Then we just finished a working meeting, at which the head of the Fund, Tetyana Muratkina, talked about the fantastic results of the “Unbreakable Mom” change. And we thought that if our methodology has already been proven, then we could and must help Ukrainian women who were in captivity. Because it is scary to imagine in what psycho-emotional state they returned to Ukraine. With this proposal and the results of our rehabilitation program, we turned to the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Iryna Vereshchuk. And already in the previous conversation, she accepted the Fund’s proposal about the parliament. A few weeks passed – and the first 20 women and their children arrived at the Unbreakable Mom camp.

The first tests of women who were in captivity showed that their condition was worse than that of Ukrainian women who survived the occupation. Russian captivity kept them alive, but it took away their thirst for this life. In the “Unbreakable Mom” camp, they will undergo a rehabilitation program together with women and their children from the Donetsk region. “Masha Fund” conducts the program together with the DO IT TOGETHER Charitable Fund, which is a part of the Humanitarian Headquarters “Saving Lives” from the Metinvest Group.

– Let me reveal the secret – we already have direct experience working with women released from captivity, – says the head of the Masha Fund, Tetyana Muratkina. – Several girls have already completed the “Unbreakable Mom” program. For their rehabilitation, we involved specialists who work in a narrow profile of work with those released from captivity. Together, we performed the rehabilitation methodology common to women released from captivity and women who suffered from war, were in occupation, lost their loved ones, and lost their homes. They are united by mutual grief, which is why joint rehabilitation gives the best result. And we can confidently say that we are 100% ready to work with women who were in captivity.

It should be noted that in the “Unbreakable Mom” program, women released from captivity, as a rule, are released after state programs that stabilize their psychological state.

The mission of the “Masha Fund” is the revival of women for the revival of Ukraine. And we fulfill and will fulfill it every day.

About the program:

The “Unbreakable Mom” rehabilitation program has been directly developed by specialists in psychology and post-traumatic syndromes for women and children affected by war. It is a 3-week offline camp, where psychologists work with the project participants, followed by online support for three months.

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