Support from Denmark: how “The Stolen Princess” helped Ukrainian children

Screenings of the Ukrainian animated film "The Stolen Princess" in Denmark made it possible to raise funds for the support of Ukrainian children of younger preschool age. All the money collected from the sale of screening rights was transferred to the "Masha Fund" for the project "From big hearts - for little ones".

In March 2022, FILM.UA Group was approached by the Danish cinema Apolon with a proposal to organize Ukrainian cinema day. The idea was to show a domestically produced cartoon to Ukrainian children and their families, who ended up in Denmark as temporarily resettled persons and thus distract them from the news about the horrors of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

 FILM.UA Distribution granted the rights to show the Ukrainian animated hit “Stolen Princess”, and decided to transfer the proceeds to the “Masha Fund” for the project “From big hearts to small ones”. It is symbolic that Maria Efrosinina, co-founder of the Fund, gave her voice to one of the characters in the film — Naina.

 The Danish distributor DIVO joined the initiative, and later it was also supported by the national film club Biografklub Danmark and the association of cinemas Danske Biografer. Having united, they turned to representatives of Danish cinemas throughout the country with an offer to show a Ukrainian cartoon. 25 Danish cinemas out of 170 have joined the initiative.

 The screening is scheduled for December 11, 2022, in various parts of the country. Note that it will be free for Ukrainian families.


About the project:

“From big hearts – for little ones” is a charity initiative aimed at supporting children from 0 to 3 years old. These are 1,000 boxes for children whose families were affected by the war.

All boxes are divided into three age categories: from 0 to 1 year, from 1 year to 2, and from 2 to 3. Each package contains everything necessary for a month of a child’s life. The sets are handed over to volunteer centers in those regions of Ukraine where many families who have suffered the most due to hostilities live: Chernihiv, Zaporizhzhya, Kharkiv, Sumy, Poltava, and Zhytomyr regions. There the packages are received by families who need help.

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